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The GST Return filing experience you deserve


Octa GST Offline Tool

The best GST Returns filing software for India.

Selected by an expert panel of financial industry and taxation experts along with siliconindia Editorial Board after a diligent evaluation of sector.

Octa GST provides software solutions to enable the GST return filing with minimal changes in existing business processes effortlessly.

Simple & effective

GSTR-2A & ReconciLIation

View and export GSTR-2A JSON file to Excel file. Reconcile the purchase data with GSTR-2A efficiently and quickly. Read more...


Reconcile with GSTR-2A


Experience the most beautiful and high performance purchase reconciliation process...


Data import from multiple sources, fast data validations, return preview and analysis. Read more...


Data import from multiple sources, fast data validations, claim ITC, preview return and upload. Automatic and manual return preparation modes. Read more...


Data import from multiple sources, data validations, preview return and upload. Read more...

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