Clear GSTR-1 data on GST Portal

Describes how to clear all GSTR-1 data on GST Portal

We are all humans and mistakes happen. If incorrect GSTR-1 data has been uploaded on GST Portal, it is better to clear everything before you start again. But it is difficult to delete the invoices one by one on GST Portal. And if you have more than 500 invoices, you cannot delete them directly on Portal. In order to clear everything in one go, we have developed the GSTR-1 clean-up facility in Octa GST.

Download GSTR-1 from GST Portal

First you need to download GSTR-1 JSON file from GST Portal.

  • Login to GST Portal and go to Return Dashboard
  • Select the return period
  • On GSTR-1 box, click on Prepare Offline

  • Click on Download button
  • Click on GENERATE button twice.

Generate Clean-up file & Upload

  • Open the business file in Octa GST and go to GSTN Tools page

  • Inside GSTR-1 Cleanup box, the Select the GSTR-1 file downloaded from Govt portal and click on Generate button.

  • This will generate a special cleanup JSON file. Simply upload this cleanup file to GST Portal and wait for 10 minutes. All your GSTR-1 data will be cleared on the GST Portal.