Filing GSTR-3B (Manual Mode)

Complete guide of preparing & filing GSTR-3B return with manually entered data

GSTR-3B return contains the summary of both outward and inward supplies (sales & purchases). Octa GST can prepare GSTR-3B in following modes:

  • Automatic: In this mode, tax liability and ITC will be automatically calculated using your sales and purchase data.
  • Manual: In this mode, you can prepare GSTR-3B by manually entering the data in various tables.


In order to prepare GSTR-1, you need to go to GSTR-3B page in Octa GST. Select the Manual mode and then click Prepare Return button on the top.

This will open the GSTR-3B return preview screen. Please select the business GSTIN and return period for which you would like to generate GSTR-3B. As soon as you change GSTIN or return period, Octa GST will automatically refresh the preview screen.

Generate JSON file

Once you are satisfied with the data being reported in GSTR-3B, click on the Generate File button to generate the file (JSON format) which can be directly uploaded to the GST Portal.

Generate JSON file

Upload to GST Portal

Please follow the steps below to upload GSTR-3B JSON file to GST Portal.

  • Login to GST Portal with your credentials.
  • Go to Return Dashboard
  • Select the return period
  • In the GSTR-3B box, click on Prepare Offline
  • Click on Choose file button and select the JSON file.
  • Click on Refresh button to check the status of uploaded file.

Export & Print

Once the return has been filed, it is recommended to keep a record of filed data.

Export & Print

  • Export: Click on Export to Excel button to export the full GSTR-3B data to Excel file.
  • Print: Click on Print Summary button to print the GSTR-3B summary.

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