Premium Subscription

Advantages, buying, installation and usage of Octa GST Premium subscription

Octa GST Premium subscription is ideal for large companies and big accounting firms who work on multiple computers or laptops while also needing a common server to collaborate with other users. Premium subscription gives the power to use Octa GST in both Standalone and Client-Server mode. It essentially means that you will have the a common server which can be used to collaborate with other users but at the same time, you have the option to work independently even when you are not in office. When you return to office, you can upload your changes to server.

With a Premium subscription of Octa GST, you will get a single subscription key which can be used to activate Octa GST on multiple computers. The same subscription can also be used to activate Octa GST Server. Using Octa GST Premium subscription, you may work on unlimited GSTINs, invoices and GST returns.

How it works?

  • Octa GST Server is installed on one of your computer/server.
  • Octa GST is installed on all computers of users.

All Octa GST users can connect to this server and access the files stored on server. Users also have the option to create the files on their own computers (local files). These local files are always available even if Octa GST Server is not running or accessible. But since these files are local, other users cannot access the same file. This operation is depicted in following diagram:

Octa GST Premium Subscription

Exclusive Features

In addition to all the features in Standard and Professional subscription, you will get the following features which are exclusive to Premium subscription:

  • Flexibility: Work in both standalone and server mode.
  • Performance: Octa GST Premium subscription is optimized for high transaction volume. All processes such as importing transaction data, calculating the annual return, preparing GST reports and reconciliation etc. will be faster.
  • Support: We provide priority support to customers having Premium subscription. Which means your queries and issues will be resolved first.

System Requirement

Octa GST performance will depend on this server’s hardware configuration so please choose a server suitable as per your transaction load. Transactions load depends on:

  • Number of concurrent users (users simultaneously working on Octa GST)
  • Number of business files (companies)
  • Number of invoices in a financial year


The minimum hardware configuration for different transaction load are shown below:

Transaction LoadMinimum Hardware Configuration
Up to 10 companies, 1 lakh invoices2 Cores, 4 GB Memory
Up to 50 companies, 5 lakh invoices4 Cores, 8 GB Memory
More than 20 users, 50 companies, 5 lakh invoices6 Cores, 16 GB Memory, SSD recommended


  • Windows 7 SP1 or later, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

How to buy?

Step-1: Goto Octa GST Customer Portal and register your account (or login directly if you already have an account).

Step-2: Open Buy page, add Premium subscription in cart, confirm the order and pay.

Step-3: Open Subscriptions page. This page will display a Subscription Key which is 16 digit numeric key (like a credit card number).

How to activate?

Octa GST Server (Optional)

  • Download Octa GST Server and run OctaGstServer.msi file to install Octa GST Server. Connect to internet and start Octa GST Server. Click Activate button and enter above Subscription Key with your account credentials.
  • Open Start menu and type cmd
  • Right click Command Prompt and click on Run as administrator

    Command Prompt - Run as administrator

  • Run below commands

    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=Octa dir=in action=allow profile=any localport=6282 protocol=tcp
    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=Octa dir=in action=allow profile=any localport=6282 protocol=udp

    Octa GST

    Download and install Octa GST if you don’t have it installed already. Connect to internet and start Octa GST. Click Activate button and enter above Subscription Key with your account credentials.