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Version 6.14, 6.21 MB (Change Log)

Requires Windows 7 SP1 or above &
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


Octa GST needs .NET framework 4.5 and installer will stop if you don't have it on computer. If this happens, simply download & install .NET framework from Microsoft® website and run the Octa GST Installer again.


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email: support@octabits.in
whatsapp: +91 82093 27184

More Downloads

Octa GST License Server

Only required in case of Octa GST Professional (Multi User)
This is needed to activate Octa GST Professional (Multi User) subscription in LAN (local network). Download this file and install it on a central server. License server must be running while using Octa GST in LAN environment.

Octa GST Import Excel Formats

Contains the sample and blank Excel file formats which can be used to import bulk data in Octa GST.