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View & Upload GSTR-1

Describes how to work on GSTR-1 return using Octa GST

GSTR-1 contains the information related to outward supplies (sales) in return period. This information is divided in various tables as specified by GST return rules.

Note: Unlike many other GST return software, Octa GST auto-calculates GSTR-1 data using sales data entered by you. You don't have to know and decide which information needs to be reported in which table of GSTR-1.

Checking the Data for Common Issues

Octa GST checks the sales data for many possible issues so that you can take appropriate action if required. This reduces the errors in your GST return data and delivers a smoother experience with the GST portal (website).

To check the complete sales data, click Check for Issues button on GSTR-1 summary screen.

Browsing the Return Data

To view the GSTR-1 data, open GSTR-1 module and click Prepare button. This will open the GSTR-1 screen which shows the summary of all tables. You can check the summary and compare it with values shown on GST portal.

You should know each and every aspect of your data being reported in GST return. That is why Octa GST shows you both a summary of data and the ability to drill down within various summary levels to individual invoice(s) from inside the GSTR-1 module.

Generating Return File and Uploading

Once you are satisfied with the data being reported in GSTR-1, click on the Generate JSON File button to generate the file (JSON format) which can be directly uploaded to the GST website. If your business data is large and it cannot be accommodated in a single file, Octa GST will automatically split it into multiple files for you.

Once the return file(s) (JSON) are generated, you can upload it to GST portal.

Correcting Errors

Sometimes things do not go right first time!

There can be cases where the return data is not accepted by the GST Portal in first attempt. In this situation, you can download the error file from the GST Portal and add it to Octa GST. It will check the contents of the error file and show these errors in a friendly format.

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