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Add GST Portal Data

Describes how to add GST Portal data in Octa GST for GSTR-2 filing

Every regular supplier needs to report the details of outward supplies (sales) in GSTR-1. As supplier reports the data in GSTR-1, this information is made available to receiver in GSTR-2A. When GSTR-1 return filing for a period ends and GSTR-2 return filing starts, the information contained in GSTR-2A is frozen and same is made available to receiver in GSTR-2. Receiver is expected to match the data in GSTR-2 with his purchase register and upload the reconciled data back to GST portal.

Download GSTR-2 file from GST Portal

Login to GST portal and go to Returns Dashboard. Click on Prepare Offline button in GSTR-2 box.


Click on Download link to open the download page.


Click on Generate File button. Clicking this button once gives the link to download a file generated sometime earlier. You have to click on this button twice to generate a new file with latest data.


You may need to wait for 15-30 mins for the file to be generated. Click the above button again to get the link of generated file. Click on this link to download the file on your computer.


Adding GSTR-2 file in Octa GST 

To add the GSTR-2 data in Octa GST, open the data file and go to GSTR-2 module. Click the Add Data button.


Select the file downloaded from GST Portal. Octa GST will read the contents of file and extract the data.

Important: If you have large number of invoices (more than 19,000), GST Portal may generate more than one file. If this happens, please select all those files together while adding in Octa GST.

Viewing & Exporting Data Received in GSTR-2

You can view the data received in GSTR-2 by clicking the View button in GSTR-2 page of Octa GST.

To export the GSTR-2 data to Excel file, simply click the Export button in GSTR-2 page and specify the location of exported Excel file.

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