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View & Upload GSTR-3B

Describes how to view the data generated for GSTR-3B and upload the details to GST Portal

GSTR-3B return contains the summary of both outward and inward supplies (sales & purchases). Octa GST automatically generates most of the data required to file GSTR-3B. This data is calculated based on sales and purchase data entered you. Remaining data can be entered by the user directly and complete return can be generated for direct upload to GST Portal.


Browsing the Return Data

To view the GSTR-3B data, open GSTR-3B page in Octa GST and click Prepare button. This will open the GSTR-3B screen which shows the summary of all tables. Select the GSTIN and return period for which you wish to generate GSTR-3B.

Generating JSON File

IMPORTANT: If you see red bubbles on GSTR-3B home screen, it means ITC claim is pending on some documents. Please set the ITC claim information before reporting GSTR-3B data otherwise pending documents will not be included in the return.


Once you are satisfied with the data being reported in GSTR-2, click on the Generate File button to generate the file (JSON format) which can be directly uploaded to the GST Portal. You may also export the return data to Excel file for future reference.


Uploading Return JSON file to GST Portal

Once the return file (JSON) is generated, you can upload it directly to GST portal.

  • Login to GST Portal

  • Open Returns Dashboard

  • Click Prepare Offline button in GSTR3B box

  • On Upload page, click Choose File button and select the file(s) generated by Octa GST

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