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How to export GSTR-1 to Excel

Convert GSTR-1 JSON file downloaded from GST Portal to Excel format

Octa GST is a fast, easy to use offline GST return preparation software. If you don't have it, please download and install on your computer now.

Using Octa GST, you can export GSTR-1 JSON file to Excel in just a few clicks.

Select the GSTIN and return period: In the top right corner of Octa GST, select the GSTIN and return period which matches the GSTR-1 file.


Open GSTN Tools page: In Octa GST, go to the GSTN Tools page by selecting it in left pane:


Select the GSTR-1 file & Export: Select the GSTR-1 file downloaded from Govt portal and click on Export button.


Once GSTR-1 file is exported to Excel, Octa GST will automatically open it on your computer. So in just few clicks, you can export your GSTR-1 file to Excel.