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Personal Subscription

Subscription not available anymore!

Octa GST Personal subscription was offered for a limited time to help very small tax-payers. This subscription is not available for purchase anymore. Checkout the current plans and pricing by click this button:

Octa GST Personal subscription is most suited for small business owners who need to work on various GST returns of their own business. Personal subscription works on one computer and for one GSTIN (GST Registration Number) only. There is no limitation on number of invoices or returns.

How to buy & activate Personal subscription?

Step-1: Goto Octa GST Customer Portal and register your account (or login directly if you already have an account).


Step-2: Open Buy page, add Personal subscription in cart, confirm the order and pay.


Step-3: open Subscriptions page. This page will display a Subscription Key which is 16 digit numeric key (like a credit card number).


Step-4Download and install Octa GST if you don't have it installed already. Connect to internet and start Octa GST. Click Activate button and enter above Subscription Key with your account credentials.



At the time of activating the subscription, Octa GST will ask the GSTIN on which you need to work. This step can only be done once. Please make sure that you enter the correct GSTIN of your business.