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View & Export GSTR-2A

Describes how to view and export GSTR-2A data to Excel, convert GSTR-2A JSON file to Excel format

Every regular supplier needs to report the details of outward supplies in GSTR-1. As supplier reports the data in GSTR-1, this information is made available to receiver in GSTR-2A. Octa GST provides the facility to view and export this data in user friendly manner.


Download GSTR-2A file from GST Portal

Login to GST portal and go to Returns Dashboard. Click on Download button in GSTR-2A box.


Click on Generate File button. Clicking this button once gives the link to download a file generated earlier. You have to click on this button twice to generate a new file.


You may need to wait for 15-30 mins for the file to be generated. Click the Generate File button shown above to get the link of file generated. Clicking this link will download the file on your computer.

Add GSTR-2A file to Octa GST

Note: If you don't have Octa GST installed on your computer, please download and install it first. Octa GST is a smart and high performance offline software to auto-generate GST returns.

To add the GSTR-2A data in Octa GST, open the business file and go to GSTR-2A module. Click the Add button.


Select the file downloaded from GST Portal. Octa GST will read the contents of file and extract the data.

Important: If you have large number of invoices (more than 19,000, GST Portal may generate more than one file. If this happens, please select all those files together while adding in Octa GST.

View GSTR-2A Data

Once the GSTR-2A data is added in Octa GST, it can be viewed by clicking the View button in GSTR-2A module. One first screen it will show the GSTR-2A data summary by supplier. Clicking Next will show the details of documents reported by that supplier.

Tip: If you don't see the supplier names in GSTR2A, you can define the contacts in Octa GST and GSTR-2A module will also show the name of suppliers for easy reference. Click here to know more.

Export GSTR-2A Data

It is very easy to export the GSTR-2A data to Excel file. Simply click the Export button in the row and select a path where you would like the export file to be created. You can also export GSTR-2A of multiple months in a single Excel file. To do this, simply click on Export button and select the return periods you wish to export.


Trying to reconcile your purchase data with GSTR-2A?

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Reconcile with GSTR-2A

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